Creating culturally inclusive classrooms in the echo of #BlackLivesMatter

  • 在这个夏天, in addition to the COVID-19 pandemic and all the changes it mandated, another major societal upheaval began: the Black Lives Matter protests across the nation. They began after the May 25 death of George Floyd, a black man who died in Minneapolis, Minn.此前,一名警察在他脖子上跪了近八分钟. Four officers were charged in the death; all four were fired.

    Floyd’s death set off protests across the nation, in cities large and small. 虽然大多数都是和平的,但也发生了一些暴力和抢劫. 日日夜夜,一连几个星期, protestors – of all demographics – filled streets with signs and chants of “Black Lives Matter;” the hashtag #blacklivesmatter was prevalent on social media. The National Guard was called out to help monitor the protests in more than two dozen states. And it was a topic of news reports, political talk shows, and internet bloggers for weeks.

    Few students from middle-school age on – and some younger – would have not been aware of some of what was happening, 因为视频到处都是, 讨论发生在家庭中, 邻居之间, 在当地的电视和广播上. 甚至 埃尔莫和他的爸爸 谈到了抗议和种族主义.

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    如果新闻发生在一个典型的学年, teachers and school administrators would have helped their students process the events in age-appropriate ways. But the nation has been on full or partial lock-down for months due to the pandemic, 直到现在,学校才开始复课, 有些人在现场,有些人在网上.

    作为一名教师,你对这些活动有什么印象? Did you think of them in terms of friends, family members, neighbors? 你为你的学生考虑过吗, and whether you could or how you would explore the issues in your classroom?

    “Teachers know that this news and the issues around it need to be addressed,” writes the 纽约时报. “So how do we help our students process and respond to what is going on, 了解其复杂的原因,并努力寻求解决方案?”

    当然,答案取决于你所教学生的年龄. High-school sociology students can tackle much more nuanced and complex information than can elementary-age classes. 杰森Lukehart, 他是橡树园小学四年级的老师, 伊利诺斯州, talked to his students in a Zoom meeting a few days after Floyd’s death.

    “We’ve talked about the concept of white privilege and I was able to go back to some of those discussions,”Lukehart告诉 《bet5365首页》. “I want my white students to have the right perspective on this stuff in an age-appropriate way. 对于我的黑人学生,我希望他们感到我关心他们.”

    “Teachers can be incredibly powerful in teaching young people to engage in these conversations rather than avoid them,霍华德·史蒂文森说, a clinical psychologist at the 大学 of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education.

    One key to talking about race and racism is being comfortable with the subject as a teacher. And that can be a challenge when the majority of teachers are white (68 percent in public charter schools, 80%在公立学校, 85%在私立学校, 根据 国家教育统计中心 2017-2018学年. The same statistics for black teachers were 10 percent in public charter schools, 7%在公立学校, 私立学校的比例为3%. 拉丁裔教师, 这一数字在公立特许学校中为16%, 9%的公立学校, 私立学校的7%).

    In teaching a diverse classroom, are you comfortable with talking about race? If you could use more education and coaching on the subject, read on.

    “文化和公平在课堂上的作用”是一个 三个系列 在bet5365首页在线. 它包括三门课程,都是在线的,可以自己定进度:

    • 创造包容的课堂环境这门课会帮助你理解“文化响应”这个术语,学习如何创造一个对文化敏感的课堂, and learn how to build relationships with students and parents from different cultures. (edo9736, 2学分)
    • 创建文化响应课程计划: This course builds on your understanding of cultural responsiveness and carries that understanding into your lesson plans. It focuses on identifying culturally responsive class materials and lesson plans, 并鼓励课堂上的参与者分享. (EDUO 9737, 2学分)
    • 你的,我的和我们的专注于如何看待自己的文化, 明白这是如何影响你看待世界的, 识别的刻板印象, and connect with your class in a way that helps you understand your students culturally. (edo9735, 2学分)

    这三门课程都使用这本书 如何教长得不像你的学生 (第二版),邦妮·M. 戴维斯. 戴维斯 has been a teacher for more than 40 years who taught in middle schools, 高中, 大学, and community organizations like homeless shelters and a men’s prison. She was named Teacher of the Year in two public school districts, among many other awards. And she also has personal multi-cultural experience, as she explains in the beginning of the book:

    “我的孙女是墨西哥人、黑人、白人和波多黎各人. 她是如何看待这个世界的? She sees the world through the lens of a young child who already understands that skin color places us in different groups. 4岁的她认为这与语言有关,而不是权力. 她是棕色皮肤,看起来不像我. 她的父亲,我的儿子,有个非裔美国人的父亲. 他是黑人,看起来不像我. My experience as the biological white mother of a black male and grandmother of a child of mixed ethnicity and racial identity is one of the reasons I wrote this book, 给你的一本书, educators who fill today’s classrooms and search for better ways to connect with and teach students who don’t look like them.”

    这本书 is an interactive learning tool; at many points it stops and asks the readers to fill out information about the classes they teach, 他们对学生的期望, 以及对某些轶事的反思.

    From Dominican: “This series is designed to help teachers develop the tools needed to create a culturally responsive environment for all students. 当一个学生觉得自己与众不同或被冷落在教室时, 这会极大地降低学生的学习能力和学习欲望. The content learned in this series will teach you how to connect with your students and create an inclusive classroom environment that will open the door to learning for every child you work with.” To get more information about or to enroll in The Role of Culture and Equity in the Classroom series, 访问 在这里.