• Teaching English Language Learner (l形的) students is not an easy task in the realm of the regular classroom.

    Incorporating the needs of English learners while trying to keep the classroom pace going and 课堂管理 控制需要技巧和耐心.

    English Language Learners are students for whom English is not their primary language. Their first language is generally not used in instruction and the instructor need not know the students’ native languages. Instructional methods of teaching language skills vary, depending on the district or school mandates.

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    作为您班上的英语学习者的老师, you need to ensure that you are implementing activities that foster language acquisition at the same time as subject content and concepts.

    统计数据显示,在美国,平均有9%的学生.S. 教室里是英语学习者. 在大城市,这个数字接近14%. Most of these students – not all — start off in high-intensity, whole-day English programs. But most are integrated into mainstream classrooms within a year.

    通过使用各种基于研究的读写技巧, 然而, you can create a welcoming classroom environment rich in learning activities that are reflective of each student’s level of language proficiency and learning style.


    大多数教师没有接受过教英语学习者的培训. 你会怎么做?

    Mainstream teachers need to learn about the language and academic backgrounds of the l形的s in their classes. 没有这方面的知识, teachers cannot anticipate the aspects of learning that are likely to be too difficult for their l形的s to handle without instructional supports.

    It is essential to gather data about your students’ English language proficiency using assessment tools ranging from standardized formal language assessment testing to ongoing informal assessments made through your observation of everyday activities.

    Teachers must learn to identify and understand the needs of English Language Learners; implement strategies for modifying academic content for better understanding; 然后把他们的新技能付诸实践.

    Some classes focus on literature to better prepare students for the exit exams and their transition into mainstream English 语言艺术 (ELA), while others require that the l形的 teacher collaborate with subject area teachers to reinforce content and concepts.

    Another effective model is called the sheltered instruction approach, a class structure wherein content mastery and academic language skills are developed concurrently.

    Educators should use both standardized scores and ongoing monitoring to help determine which instructional standards to focus on, 也用来评估学生的进步.


    Here are some recommended strategies for teaching l形的 students, courtesy of Jennifer Gonzalez of 崇拜教育学. 

    • Make it visual — Challenging concepts should be diagrammed or supported with pictures
    • 更多的小组工作,更少的教师领导, 全班指令, 更多的小群体, 在哪里学生可以和同龄人一起练习语言
    • Collaborate with ESL teachers — ESL (English as a Second Language) teachers could regularly get copies of lesson plans or collaborate with regular classroom teachers to build solid back-and-forth support
    • Honor silence — Many new language learners go through a silent period, 在此期间他们很少说话, 如果在所有
    • Allow some native language — When a student is still very new to a language, it’s okay to pair him with other students who speak his native language
    • Look out for culturally unique vocabulary — It’s important to directly teach certain Western vocabulary words
    • Use sentence frames for academic language — Show students how to structure language in a formal way
    • Learn about the cultural backgrounds of your students — Taking the time to learn the basics of where a child comes from will go far


    A professional development course – or several — in teaching with l形的 students is almost a necessity.


    阶段1: Participants will be able to: Identify and understand the needs of English Language Learners, 评估学生的熟练程度, recognize cultural perspectives and address the teaching of language skills.

    阶段2:  Participants will be able to implement strategies for modifying academic content for English Language Learners.

    阶段3:  Participants will be able to put skills into practice and employ multiple methods of assessment.

    bet36365首页 are designed so that participants will learn to identify and understand the needs of English Language Learners; implement strategies for modifying academic content for better understanding, 然后把他们的新技能付诸实践.

    Participants will be able to differentiate instruction to address the diverse needs of learners in the classroom. 这 特定的课程 is based on the framework provided by Universal Design for Learning (UDL): the development of adjustable materials, 多种多样的教学方法, 以及相关的评价方法. Participants will learn to recognize potential barriers to learning, 然后确定可能的解决方案.