EDUO 9861:设计社区行动项目



    Our schools are composed of dynamic populations with a variety of needs and interests. 在这门课, teachers can construct a hands-on participatory project for students in which they can support an organization. Students will have the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of concepts taught in class in a practical and meaningful way by combining learning goals and community service in ways that can enhance both student growth and the common good. These dynamic projects bring awareness to the concerns which are most pressing to our student populations and school communities. Projects are focused on raising awareness and practicing advocacy on that issue. Teachers structure their project for students so they have a 设计ated time period to research, 设计, 并实施他们的项目.


    在这门课 participants will have opportunity to demonstrate:



    Write a program proposal containing information related three specific components that will enable students to readily initiate the service project. 第一部分将描述调查过程, identifying potential organizations to work with and how the partnership will be beneficial and support one another’s mission through specified goals and objectives. 第二个部分将描述规划过程, gathering and evaluating sources and information related to the organization, and determine a proposal for action to conduct the project as well as monitor its progress. 在第三部分中, criteria will be developed to judge the effectiveness and potential extensions for the project. 最后, a rubric will be created to evaluate the presentation constructed by students to share their Student Learning Project.

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