EDUO 9826: 复杂的思想



    欢迎来到EDUO 9826 复杂的思想. This class was created by 多明尼加大学 in conjunction with 教育发展 and Services as part of a seven course series entitled Core Thinking Skills. This series is designed to help teachers learn strategies that will significantly improve their ability to teach the Common Core State Standards.

    The content learned in the class, 复杂的思想, will prepare you to teach your students how to process abstract information so that they understand it in a concrete way. 这样做, students must learn to clarify, 解释, 然后从给出的文本中确定他们的意思. These skills will increase your students’ achievement in school and are the building blocks to a successful career. 通过满足本课程的要求, participating teachers will earn one semester unit of graduate level extension credit from Dominican大学 of California, a fully accredited university. 该系列的其他六门课程是:

    • EDUO 9824 Cognitive Transfer
    • EDUO 9825 Creative Thinking
    • EDUO 9827 Comprehensive Thinking
    • EDUO 9828 Collaborative Thinking
    • EDUO 9829 Communicative Thinking
    • EDUO 9830 Critical Thinking

    All seven courses in the Core Thinking Skills series require the same book titled How to Teach Thinking Skills Within the Common Core by James Bellanca, 罗宾·福格蒂, & 布莱恩·皮特. 这本书可在


    After completing the course titled 复杂的思想, you will demonstrate or indicate:

    • How to teach students the skill of clarifying the information that they are given.
    • How to teach students the skill of 解释ing the information they are given.
    • How to teach students the skill of making determinations from the information they are given.
    • 计划教授复杂思维的课程或活动的能力.



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