EDUO 9791: Intro to Classroom 创造力



    This course is one of a three-part series entitled Roadmap to Student 创造力 which will expose you to research, 理论, 实际应用, 以及当前bet5365首页创造力在教育中的作用的观点. Bringing creativity into your classroom is proven to increase motivation and engagement. 在修完这三门课之后, you will have the tools needed to foster student creativity in your classroom.The other two courses in the series are:

    • EDUO 9792:创意和国家标准
    • EDUO 9793:想象力,创新和创造性的问题解决

    Although Introduction to Classroom 创造力 is NOT a prerequisite for the other two courses, it does provide a foundation for them. All three courses in the Roadmap to Student 创造力 series require the following book: Sparking Student 创造力: Practical Ways To Promote Innovative Thinking And Problem Solving by Patti Drapeau.

    In the class Introduction to Classroom 创造力 EDUO 9791 you will learn about the importance of promoting  student creativity and how to make it work in your classroom.


    在完成《bet5365首页》课程后, 您将演示或表明:

    • 创造力的定义以及它在今天课堂上的重要性
    • 如何把一个教室变成一个充满创造力的教室
    • The ability to teach the skills necessary for creativity
    • 如何设计包含创意的课程


    1. 创造力

    第一个作业, you will be utilizing prior knowledge combined with what you learn in this class to create a personal definition to creativity as well as elaborate on its importance in the classroom.

    2. 习惯

    完成作业二, you will demonstrate how to transform your classroom into one that embraces creativity and promotes an environment that makes creativity a habit for your students.

    3. 抓去

    In this section you will be picking several ideas presented in the textbook that you feel can be utilized in your classroom and explain how they will improve student creativity.

    4. 实现

    For the final assignment you will be creating a lesson to be taught in your classroom that incorporates everything that you have learned in this class.

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