EDUO 9757:教导生命的本质-同情



    欢迎来到EDUO 9757. This class was created as part of a seven course series entitled Teaching Life’s Essentials. 本系列的其他课程包括:

    • EDUO 9756快乐
    • 9758年EDUO好奇心
    • EDUO 9759韧性
    • 成长心态
    • 9761年EDUO灵感
    • 9762年EDUO宽容

    伟大的老师不是天生的吗? 我们说" not at all ". 在本系列课程的指导下, you can take your teaching to a new level; one that brings the highest degree of satisfaction to yourself and your students. Great teachers are remembered not for the knowledge they impart but for the way they encourage and lift their students’ achievement, 不仅仅是在一个学科, 而是生活充实的重要技能. 这些快乐的技巧, 的灵感, 同情, curiosity and resilience are essential for both the learner and the teacher. This course will bring research to inform along with techniques and activities to imbue your delivery of required curriculum with the essence of greatness-both yours and your students’.



    通过网站资源和课程作业, teachers will be supported in the development of a 同情ate classroom while at the same time making their students aware of the importance of becoming 同情ate citizens.


    To help teachers create a 同情 classroom and encourage that trait in their students 多明尼加大学 – 教导生命的本质-同情 EDUO 9757



    1. 阅读和研究给定的网站资源.
    2. 回忆一下同情心对他们生活的影响.
    3. Strive to develop a 同情 classroom that will influence student behavior.
    4. 制定一个以同情为主题的课程计划.
    5. Communicate with other class participants about the importance of 同情.

    得到教学大纲 问一个问题



    B.S., M.Ed., Admin; Certificate in Equity & 城市教育

    38年的K-12和高等教育, 热心的老师, 道路专业, 多元文化的专家.

    热心的员工开发人员, 股本教练, 达到主持人, 股票/ TitleIX / Section 504合规, 官.

    My goal is to support teachers as they strive to become more culturally responsive in order to meet the diverse needs of their students.

    I enjoy writing, painting, ATV’ing, camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities.