EDUO 9678: 现代西方世界的形成: The Renaissance to Pre-Industrial Revolution


    The Renaissance to the Pre-Industrial Revolution is a course designed for social studies teachers as well as for teachers seeking general 专业发展. 本课程涵盖了通常被称为形成性现代性的时期, 或前工业化革命, 大约从1500年到1800年, 当时西方世界的制度正在形成.

    这个系列的另一门课, 现代西方世界的形成, Part 2: The Industrial Revolution to the Vietnam War, EDUO 9679所涵盖的时间大约从1800年到2000年.

    有两种层次的深度. For teachers seeking 专业发展, the 阅读和反映 course (选择我) will suffice. Students will read and summarize six short texts covering the major events of the period.

    Social studies teachers can go further by completing both the 阅读和反映 portion and then, 计划及实施部分(方案二), 这就需要制定教学计划, 在课堂上实施课程, 然后报告结果.

    • 选择我, 阅读和反映, for Professional Development – 3 units: teachers will read and summarize six short texts covering the major events of the period. 他们将利用提供的“如何处理历史”框架.
    • 选择我I, Plan and Implement, for 社会研究 Teachers – 1 additional unit: teachers can

    go further in depth by completing both the 阅读和反映 portion and the Plan and Execute portion. The Plan and Execute portion requires the creation of detailed lesson plans and the implementation of those plans in the classroom, 然后对结果进行反思和报告.


    历史不是bet5365首页事实的. 这和约会无关. 这与死去的白人男性无关. 事实上, 这甚至与记忆无关, 尽管所有这些都在历史研究中占有一席之地. 历史是bet5365首页思想的, specifically the conflict of ideas and how those conflicts played out in earlier times and what they can tell us about today.

    Why did democracy emerge in the very specific time and locale of ancient Greece? 它为什么失效了?? How did the feudalism of the middle ages contend with the rise of capitalism? 为什么欧洲选择科学而不是宗教, 作为组织人类对世界了解的系统? Should people have representation in government? 人是理性的吗?这能成为组织政府的基础吗? “大国”是什么意思?“为什么有些力量崛起,有些力量衰落?

    These and a thousand other questions like them are the real interest of history. We study these questions—and the people and societies that fought over them—in order to understand our own times, 因为它们所代表的问题和利益是普遍的. And we study history so we can (hopefully) make better decisions as citizens in our own country today. The famous historian George Santayana said it best: “Those who fail to learn the lessons of history are doomed to repeat them.”


    It is the hope of the instructor that while you are working on this course you will in some way be inspired, 或许搬, to use what you have learned in this course to experiment with a new approach to teaching history, 用一种新的方式来解读历史. For those who accept the invitation, I look forward to seeing your project come to life.

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