EDUO 9656: The Presidential Libraries – Franklin D. Roosevelt Library

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    Our National Treasures Series Philosophy

    该系列课程中每个课程访问的地点, Our National Treasures, 向参加者介绍其文化遗产的某些方面. 在完成作业, participants also undergo a learning process that is as much a “national treasure” as are the sites themselves. As lifelong learners, students become curious and will satisfy that curiosity with research of one type or another, thus uncovering answers perhaps leading to more questions and a search for even more answers. In these courses, participants conduct preliminary research to gain a better insight into whatever information and inspiration the national treasure may hold. At the site they ask questions that spark the mission to learn even more by conducting follow up research. Touring the site and experiencing the process then becomes the true “national treasure”.

    Course Overview

    During this course you will visit and study a Presidential Library using the following method: 1) Explore 2) Visit 3) Follow up 4) Relate 5) Reflect

    Course Objectives


    1. 访问本系列中13个总统图书馆中的一个
    2. 参观图书馆前先了解图书馆的信息
    3. 在访问期间提出问题
    4. 参观完图书馆后进行进一步的研究
    5. 联系对教学行为的调查和访问
    6. communicate how the visit and research brought them a better grasp of the American experience
    7. reflect on what value the content of the library could have to the classroom


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    Lisa Johnson-Bowers

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    Primary Goal - Helping teachers to reach their professional and personal goals.

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